so, around this time last year i was photographing this couple.

the main reason I'm sharing this session is to share the story. I love a memorable experience. ok, so, the way I even met this couple was divine...tangent...not going to into that now, lol.  I want to talk about their couple shoot.

Sedona is getting busier and busier by the week and on this particular weekend that traffic was crazier than usual! as we were headed to our first destination, there was bumper to bumper traffic going in the opposite direction. so, we hung out in the direction we were headed and did what we could. 

BUT before we knew it, we were chasing light. we finally made it out of the traffic and were somewhere near Bell Rock. we jetted out on the trail to reach higher ground. once we were 10 minutes into the trail the bride darted off the trail and climbed up, I MEAN LIKE, kicked off her shoes and climbed the side of the rock and made it to the top instantly, lol. (I don't mean to sound like I'm talking ish this was all very admirable in my book) we all tried to do the same and just couldn't, like, sincerely. three people tried (the bride's sisters came) in addition to an entire family of 5 who were on the trail with us, lol. we kept walking trying to find a way up and we finally did...

... almost 30 minutes later, lol.

 in good time because her phone was just about to die. we got to the top and had a moment of silence for that view....

we snapped a few photos & then realized we needed to haul ass because the light was fading and we had a lil' hike ahead of us. we had to get off of this rock! you can't play around in these circumstances but thankfully it was a cool day and we had a few bottles of water...and we were only about 20 minutes away from the car. we DID get lost on the trail for a minute and had to use our phones as flashlights but quickly got realigned. lol. we made it!

I just appreciate these two so much for sharing this with me and introducing me to something new. driving up together allowed us to connect on another level.  i find them to be beautiful inside and out.  i admire their family dynamic and how they support each-other. it was great energy to be around. all these moments we spent together made their wedding day extra extra special. it's about the connection and being able to create from a genuine place.

we had pasta to recoup and drove back down to Phoenix with full bellies and good conversation. so good, that I'm thinking and writing about it a year later. <3