i want to start sharing more of these new sessions i'm offering so that you can get a better idea of what they are about. if you've been with me online for awhile then you've definitely seen traces of this session because i shot it a couple of years ago but it recently dawned on me that this session was the beginning of these type of sessions. tiffany reached out to me b/c she had recently chopped off all of her hair and wanted to have fun with the new look and so THAT we did. we went through clothes,  nailed down outfits & hung out and chatted while she had make up done by Aileen.

then we created thesssssseeeeeee...

we weren't quite ready to say bye, so we had tacos after <3 <3 <3

we weren't quite ready to say bye, so we had tacos after <3 <3 <3

tiffany recently posted a #tbt of a photo from this shoot on insta & i was reminded of our experience and impulsively commented on her photo and basically told her how much i loved working with her and why i still love the shoot & she responded and said...

"this photo shoot was actually one of the first times I felt in control and strong, not just trying to be pretty for a photo. I always love going back and looking at these whenever I need a reminder of who the f i am hahaha"

knowing I can make people feel like this makes me realize I have so much more work to do.