i went home to atlanta last month to shoot the wedding i just posted. i get migraines from time to time, especially if i'm exhausted, so i wasn't surprised when i got one the day after the wedding. wedding photographer's call it "the wedding hangover" it's so real. i spent the morning with my mama and she fed me and tried to nurse me back, it did feel better but the headache was still there. rambling.

so anyway, i'd been following refuge coffee co. and knew this was my only chance to visit during this trip and i wanted to go with my mom so i mustered up some energy, lol. 

we arrive at refuge coffee co...

when i tell you my heart almost exploded out of my chest...i was enthralled. i got lost. i looked at every detail. my mom just left me alone in my own world. i don't know why but I was getting choked up and kept fighting back tears. 

 i realized i was having a moment and started documenting the details that i loved.

before i got all the way in the zone i snapped out of it and went to order a drink, lololol.  it's definitely more than good coffee. Ibsa was the barista that day and he was great and the chai was the best i ever had, like, not from a box chai. the best chai i've experienced from a coffee shop, ever. ever. 

we sat down to sip some tea (lol) and i migraine was gone. like, gone. like, "i think happiness and these refuge coffee vibezz just healllllllled me mooooommm!!!" ugh, i never felt  this much peace at a coffee shop. 

in the end, i think i figured out why i was so emotional. i can't be too sure but i think it's because what i was witnessing was positive integration. to the people at refuge & to the sponsors...thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a big beautiful light house.