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i am a mother & an entrepreneur. neither one of those titles are chill or glamorous. i work hard whether i'm wearing either hat. i try to "break" as often as i can b/c i've done the "all work, no play" #nodaysoff thing before and my body & mental suffered greatly. duh, as it should with that type of treatment.

so with that always in mind, i stop & smell the flowers... & sometimes take photos of them, lol   


on the day that i took these photos, i went to go check the mail & decided to take a moment to take a walk by myself b/c it was so beautiful out. it felt good, i felt good, so i took some photos for memories.

IMG-3277 (1).JPG

i posted one of them because i was feeling myself. i had on house-wear but felt regal. 

a couple weeks later i get a message from my friend Danielle, who is also mother and photographer. as well as a songwriter/vocalist, illustrator/painter..a freaking renaissance woman. lol, i digress...anyway she reached out and asked to paint my personal moment of solace. 


that is all, lol. the moral of the story is to love yourself, be gentle with yourself, take more walks, take more meaningful photos. & to take a look at more of my friend's work.

i can't wait to see it in person. it makes me feel calm and it reminds me to slow down.

i am so honored to be one of J. Danielle's early subjects and to be a part of one of her series, 'Faces from Places'