i got asked for the first time in forever to be photographed.  i was flattered, excited, insecure, NERVOUS AF!! i know these sentiments in & out, all too well...from myself & from my experience photographing people. frankly, hearing people talk down on themselves over the years has grown to annoy hurt me.

 here i am excited about my opportunity to photograph you to hear you nervously tear yourself tears me apart. i don't want to hear that, no one does. plus, it alters how i see you. i'm not looking with judgement. the negative talk begins to interrupt the vision and adds rules and regulations to something that is supposed to feel free.

i personally think individuality is beautiful. we have to own our uniqueness.

at the same time, as much as it irritates me, it's a constant reminder to be kinder to myself. i have learned and am always learning to ignore the negative self talk and to love myself in every stage. 

so, i took this opportunity in front of the camera to show tf out. i'm rusty & shy but i had to bring it and practice what i preach to the people i photograph. i didn't want to taint Steff's vision so I just owned my ish &  LET GO!!! i started to let go the moment i woke up, i was able to self-care it up for a bit before the shoot...i felt quite radiant. 

 i get to the shoot and Steff (the photographer) does my make-up. omg! & she styled me remotely and brought accessories.

when i got the photos back, week made. i was immediately reminded of how i felt that day. i really can't explain this adequately enough, you'll just have to try. here are some of my faves. 

fresh off the other-side of the camera, I’m here to tell ya…if you need to get in front of the camera, loosen up your shoulders, unclench your butt cheeks and have fun.